Cardiac Arrest

What is a cardiac arrest? A cardiac arrest means a person’s heart has stopped. When a cardiac arrest occurs the brain and other vital organs are unable to receive any oxygen. If someone has had a cardiac arrest they will be unconscious and will have ineffective or no breathing at all.  A cardiac arrest is

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Burns first aid

Burns are a common injury among children, often occurring during everyday situations such as cooking, bathing and even playing outdoors. As parents we know burns can happen in a split second- which is why it is so important to know the correct first aid. When applied correctly, burns first aid can minimise the severity of

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Head injuries

At Cradle and Kin, head injuries are a topic we are well and truly familiar with. In fact if head bumps were an olympic sport, our kids would be gold medalists. Whether it be running into walls, ‘flying’ off the couch or tripping over their own feet, kids and head injuries go hand in hand.

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